We are at variance, not with each other but the rest. A multi disciplinary bunch, we are passionate about our core work and enjoy the luxury of learning from each other.

The world looks exciting and fascinating from where we stand.

Chirag Anand
Chirag is a Software Architect, working as independent consultant. His areas of interest include software architecture/design, high performance computing, data analytics, and big data management.
Vimal Balasubramaniam
I am a researcher with the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, India.

I work with open economy macroeconomics, monetary policy, exchange rate regimes, financial regulation, and Micro finance.

Pratik Datta
I am a lawyer in the field of public policy in India. Currently, I am a consultant with the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy. My areas of interest include interactions of law, economics and democratic institutions.
Sayan Dasgupta
A Data Scientist by profession,statistician by education, wanting to tell stories from data. An R evangelist, with keen interest in Indian Politics, Football, Food, Travel and off late Cooking.
Shubho Roy
I am a legal consultant at NIPFP. Currently I am a part of the research team for the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission. My areas of interest are financial regulation, legal theory, governance and measurement of governance.
Renuka Sane
I am a Visiting Scientist at the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. My research interests include household finance, pensions, and firm financing.