Most recent student evaluation scores
Overall performance Materials and slides
4.74/5 4.85/5

Most recent, written feedback: 

Very passionate about the material, knowledgeable and an avid advocate for our concerns. He will make an excellent Professor.

Vimal was also very good.

Extremely good explaining difficult topics.

I did learn a lot from this class.

Fantastic job Vimal 🙂

Very detailed and clear explanations, always willing to help.

All around excellent. Amazing notes, very coherent and easily approachable. Also, like the structure of the actual classes and the support classes (no problem sets but rather an in-detail revision of the actual class).

Vimal is a great TA. Very clear & coherent. I find an aspect of his teaching particularly valuable: linking the theory to what’s happening in the real world.

Vimals explanations of the intuition behind concepts were very helpful.

Excellent at explanations.

I found Vimals classes really useful. He goes over the material clearly and methodically explaining difficult questions well. He clearly puts a lot of time into the preparation.

Clear explanations. Helpful and broad coverage of course.

Willing to slog through algebra with the class and spend significant amounts of time answering queries. Also very obviously well-versed in both theoretical and empirical of asset pricing.

Very careful and is capable of solving students problems.

Patient. Knowledgeable.

Clear and goes through the material slowly to ensure everyone understands. However sometimes its too slow and I lose track of what the purpose of all the algebra is. Good slides.

Extremely attentive and very clear in his explanations, the classes were of real value. Clear in instruction.

Patient and clear. Very helpful.

Very patient and clear.